Welcome to ADDnaturalTreatment.com. My name is Gaby Dekker-Jones and I am the mother of two great kids with ADHD. I am an artist and a retired teacher.

My older child was diagnosed when he was 10. My younger one was diagnosed before he turned 8. They both had exhibited very classic symptoms from very early on, but I was unfamiliar with the condition. I overlooked the signs until they really became unmanageable once they were both in elementary school. I was then compelled to take a closer look.

At the time, the information available was limited and my understanding of what it meant to have ADHD was, let’s say, incomplete. We consulted with several doctors in order to rule out other possible conditions. In a matter of weeks we had a brand new diagnosis of Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder.

It felt somewhat comforting to have a concrete answer at last, but it turned out to be the beginning of a long road. So many difficult decisions followed: Should we medicate? What about diet? Is there a natural approach? Is therapy needed? My head was spinning and I was confused. With a lot of research and the help of knowledgeable health providers, we eventually managed to find our way through the ADHD maze and came out the other side stronger and more confident in our choices.

This blog is the result of that journey and it is meant to facilitate your own search for answers. I hope that I can contribute to your peace of mind by providing you with essential information about natural treatments, exercise and diet. I am certain that new and helpful medical advances will continue to surface and I will do my best to keep you up to date with them all. Just remember that a well rounded approach that includes modifications in diet and lifestyle habits is key in creating the best possible environment so that your children can thrive.

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